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Remember how easy it was to ask your librarian for research help? 
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Our proprietary security architecture keeps your files safe



Your data is encrypted using the latest TLS HTTP standards in order to protect your data. Through our principle of least privilege, our secrets (e.g. certificates, tokens, and other credentials) are never shared with different departments. Any rogue attacker with a single credential will not be able to decrypt your data.

Secure Coding

All of our code is scanned for vulnerabilities using automated tools that check our system against the CVE and NIST databases, among others. All releases at Fileread require a review from our security team to meticulously examine every component for potential issues. All engineers are required to take courses on security training regularly as well.

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"It's just so much easier than brute-forcing keyword searches. Fileread makes my information gathering experience easier."

Cathy F. - Law firm, Relativity User

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Brian S. - Stanford University

“This is a must have for my legal research. Fileread helps me analyze text heavy documents with ease.”

Richard H. - Columbia University, Law Student

Enjoy the latest advancements in NLP without compromise

Fileread's AI uses the latest state of the art technology in natural language processing to provide the most performant and precise answers to your questions.